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For each Confidence and Connections Teacher Book added to your cart*, add one set of teacher slides to your cart to receive them for free! In order to qualify for the free slideshow product, you must add both the digital slideshow and teacher book to your cart in the same purchase.

* New purchases only.

Confidence and Connections Teaching Slides (Digital Product)

$33.00 per member

These digital slideshows can be screen-shared while teaching virtual classes, or by projecting onto a screen during in-person classes.

Each slide is interactive, enabling teachers to show the question, then click to reveal the answer. Additionally, audio tracks are embedded on the slides, making it easier to complete each lesson with your student(s).

A one-time purchase of the digital slideshows provides access to all slides for lessons in the entire Confidence and Connections series. Slideshows are not downloadable and must be viewed with an internet connection.

Instructions for purchasing and accessing the slideshows may be found by scrolling down.

Number of Seats:

Purchasing Slides

For each teacher book added to your cart, add one set of teaching slides as well to receive them for FREE!

To take advantage of this offer, add this Teaching Slides product to your cart with the number of seats (unique users) you wish to purchase. Then add the Teacher Books you want to purchase to the order. For each Teacher Book purchase, you will get access for one user to the slides. If you purchase three books, you will get access for three users. You must pay for additional users beyond the number of teacher books you purchase in one transaction. The discount for each set of slides will be calculated and visible once you reach the cart and checkout pages.

Clicking “take up seat” will associate one user with the email address used for the purchase. If “take up seat” is not checked upon purchase, then the user email address used to make the purchase will NOT be able to view the slides.

As teachers in your program change, you will be able to add and remove users from your allotted seats at any time. See below for instructions.

How to Access Slides

Once you have purchased access to the slides, log in to our website and view them here.

How to add or remove users from your slides access

  1. View your groups under the My Account.
  2. Click the group name you created when you ordered the slides.  
  3. Click “add member” from the menu on the left. 
  4. Enter the email address of the member you would like to add. (Choose “manager” as their role only if you would like them to have the ability to add/remove members.) 
  5. An email should automatically be sent to your invitee that, once clicked on will take them to the Member Portal where they can create their own account and join your group.  
  6. Once your members have joined your group and are logged in, they will access the slides here.  


Question: I don’t have access to the slides product.

Answer: The slides product must be added to your cart during the same transaction when purchasing teacher books. If you added the product to your cart during your purchasing process, chances are that you did not choose “take up seat”. Taking up a seat will associate one user with your email address. To remedy the situation, follow the instructions found above titled “How to Add or Remove Users from Your Slideshow Access” and add yourself to your membership.

If, however, you did not add the teaching slides to your cart during the teacher book transaction, and the purchase was made on or after August 1, please contact

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Yes! The Confidence and Connections series is available as a digital view subscription product. For information about the subscription options, please visit the subscription products themselves.

Student and Teacher Books Annual Subscription

Student Books Monthly Subscription

You’ll find FAQs associated with the digital view products if you scroll down to review the associated product details. Please note, digital view access is now only provided through one of the two subscription options. Purchasing individual levels of the digital view is no longer an option.

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The Immigrant Guide is offered in Arabic, Burmese, Dari, English, Karen, Pashto, Somali, and Spanish.  Please check the Immigrant Guide page for the most up-to-date languages offered.

Knowing that many immigrants have a basic understanding of English, we have written this guide with the most basic vocabulary possible while still providing important information. We have added pictures to the English and Spanish versions of the guide to illustrate certain topics.

We offer a FREE PDF Download of our placement test to help you determine the best level for your student(s). This short oral and written test makes it easy to assess your students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities. The step-by-step instructions make it easy for anyone to assess a student’s English skills.

See Placement Tests tab.