Engaging Ideas for Error Correction in Groups

We all know that correcting student errors is important. What’s hard is coming up with engaging ways to do it!

Below you’ll find a fun review activity to make corrections and get your students moving at the start or end of class.

1. Write a list of incorrect sentences on the board. The sentences should be generated from errors you’ve seen students make in class. You’ll need as many sentences as you have students.
2. Assign a sentence to each student. Give students pieces of scrap paper and ask them to write their sentence (legibly!) on it.
3. Ask students to correct the error on their piece of paper.
4. Once students have corrected the error, have them wad up the paper and toss it somewhere in the classroom.
5. Then have students scramble to get one of the wadded up papers. Make sure they don’t get the same error they wrote and corrected.
6. Students then work as pairs to check the correction. Have them write their corrected sentences on the board and read them as a class.
7. Check that students made the appropriate corrections and discuss any uncorrected examples or ones that were incorrectly corrected.

(As an added bonus, assign pairs based on the question numbers – for example, the person who wrote question 1 works with the person who wrote question 10, etc.)

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