Immigrant Guide Teacher Tip: Explore the Table of Contents First!

A quick activity you can do with English learners new to The Immigrant Guide is learning to use the table of contents. Doing this teaches them the skill of using a table of contents, it shows them the variety of important information included in the guide, and it allows them to look for information on their own when they need it. The English version includes this easy activity in the opening section “For Teachers”:

*If they are using the guide in their language, you’ll need an English version.

The Immigrant Guide provides essential information about 131 topics that English learners of all levels need to know. Interacting with police, avoiding scams, navigating health systems, understanding schools for kids, and learning about banking are a few.

We now offer the Immigrant Guide in Dari and Pashto, available for purchase at a sliding scale! ADD THIS TO YOUR LIBRARY TODAY!

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