Intercambio Teacher Shares Tips and a Self-Created Grammar Resource for Levels 3+

Rosario Maiocco, Volunteer Teacher with Intercambio in Boulder County

Rosario Maiocco has been a volunteer teacher with Intercambio since 2014 and is one of the extraordinary individuals making a significant impact on the lives of English language learners.

Originally from Colombia, Rosario has herself faced the challenges of mastering a new language and understands the struggles and insecurities that are a part of the learning process. With this firsthand knowledge, Rosario is able to guide others through the intricate maze of learning English, providing not just lessons but also a compassionate and supportive learning environment.

In addition to teaching, Rosario creates resources such as the one shared here to support her students:

I started with Intercambio 13 years ago using the Intercambio curriculum to teach therapists who came to live in our home for 6 months at a time to help us with our special needs son, Lucas. In exchange, I would teach them English. I now also teach other students through Intercambio’s program. 

I created this resource for English learners who already have  some knowledge of the language and need a refresher. It focuses mainly in the rules of conjugation.  It has made it easier for my students to have a reference to go back to when they come across different conjugations during our classes together using the Intercambio curriculum. 

I recommend this resource for intermediate-level students, starting in Level 3. I have found it to be very helpful for learners to be able to review on their own and discover patterns by following the basic rules presented. In doing this, they notice new structures, learn to create more complex sentences, and come up with truly interesting questions.

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