New Year Resolutions for English Class

Why not start off a new year of classes by creating New Year Resolutions with your students. Here’s a quick lesson to get you started.

1. Talk about resolutions: What are they? Who makes them? When do we make them? What is special about a New Year Resolution? Do people in your student’s native country make these?

2. Talk about typical New Year Resolutions that adults may make.

3. Talk about resolutions that your student would like to make. Make a list. Help your student figure out what he or she will need to do in order to follow-through. For example, will he need help from someone else? Who will hold her accountable?

4. Encourage your student to include at least one resolution related to English class. Make sure that it is an attainable goal. For example, maybe he will commit to writing down words that he doesn’t understand throughout the week. Or, maybe she will commit to listening to English radio twice a week.

5. Set a date when you will check in with your student about his or her progress.

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