Putting the Fun into Structured Grammar Charts

Structured charts are a part of almost any lesson in the Interactive English series, so it’s normal to get a little burnt out on using them! Here are two ideas to use these charts in an engaging way.

  1. Make a copy of the grammar chart you are teaching or reviewing. Cut the chart into sections (questions and answers). As students come into class hand them a piece of the chart. When class begins have students find their grammar chart partner. For a one-on-one class, have the student match the questions and answers by manipulating the strips on the desk/table. This is a fun way to get students familiar with the language before you work with them on repetition.
  2. Instead of going through the examples from the chart, ask students to find examples in the readings, in their textbooks for other classes, or in their writing. This helps to reinforce the idea that grammar is not an isolated skill, but that it is central to language use.

(Adapted from Cambridge Grammar and Beyond Newsletter)

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