Student Presentations

Getting students to present to their classmates is a great way for them to practice public speaking and take the pressure off of your lesson plans! Regularly scheduled presentations make for a fun way to start or end a class.

The key to successful presentations is setting expectations for what the students will do – such as the length of presentation, what the presentation should include and how often individual students will present, will they need to provide you with an outline, etc.

Here are some ideas for generating topics:

  • Provide a list of newspapers from which students should pull articles
  • Students teach their classmates how to do something
  • Students review a recent movie
  • Have students “people watch” in a public location and report back on what they saw
  • Have students interview a friend or family member
  • Ask students to talk about their jobs in their native countries
  • Tell students to talk about their first job

After the presentation, require that other students ask questions of the presenting student.

Presentations provide a way for students to practice fluency – with this idea in mind, be careful that you don’t make corrections in the middle of the presentation. This doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore mistakes. Rather, keep notes about mistakes as the student talks. Provide these notes to the student after the presentation.

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