Teacher Tip – It Starts with Names

Create community in your classroom by making sure all your students know each other’s name.

• Make sure to write your name on the board, and have students write it in their notebooks. Many students will always refer to you as “Teacher”, but they should know your name. In future classes, check that they remember your name.
• Have students introduce themselves to each other on the first day. Ask students to go around the room and make sure they have contact information for at least two classmates. Tell them to contact these people if they miss class so they can find out what was covered in class and what the homework was.
• When doing pair work, have students use their partners’ names in every exchange.
• If a new student joins your class, have everyone introduce themselves. Ask students to spell their names too.
• When you arrive in class, ask students to look around and identify who is not there.
• Be sure to set the example yourself, by always calling on students by name.

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