Teacher Tip – Practicing Opinion Starters

We use many different opinion starters in US English! Work with your students to recognize some of these more common forms. Have them try a new one!

1. I think
This is the most common and general way of giving an opinion. You can use it both informally and formally

I think this homework is hard.

2. In my opinion
This is a more formal way of giving an opinion.

In my opinion, the teacher should do more pronunciation activities in class.

3. In my view
This expression is very formal and often used when talking about important issues.

In my view, they made a huge mistake by changing the class start time.

4. It seems to me
When you’ve thought about a situation carefully you could use this expression

It seems to me that they are providing quality English classes.

5. If you ask me
This is used when your opinion is critical. Sometimes, people say this even when their opinion hasn’t been asked for!
“If you ask me,…..” “But I didn’t ask you….!”

If you ask me, she talks too much in class.

8. To be honest
9. To tell you the truth
10. To be frank
All three expressions provide a way of giving your opinion when you know that people may not like what you have to say

To tell you the truth, you are not studying hard enough.
To be honest, I preferred when class started at 9:00.
To be frank, this homework is terrible.

11. Personally
This is used to emphasize that you are giving your own opinion. It is often used when you know your opinion is different from the opinions of others.

Personally, I thought class was very fun.

Adapted from English with a Twist

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