Teacher Tip – Using Audio Tracks for Listening Comprehension

Listening comprehension is a challenging skill to build! While constant exposure to English (through radio, TV, listening to people in the grocery store) will help students train their ears to become attuned to the sounds of language, another extremely important skill a teacher can help build is the ability to hear “context”, not just specific words. Sometimes students get frustrated when they don’t understand one or two words, even when those words really aren’t important for the context of whatever is being said.

This is a good format – though time-consuming – for a teacher to use as a way to incorporate the pieces into the lessons.

1. Summarize what the student is about to hear.
2. Have the student listen to the piece without reading a transcript.
3. Have the student listen again without the transcript and jot down notes and/or questions.
4. Ask the student a set of comprehension questions and/or to summarize what she heard.
5. Have the student listen a final time while reading the transcript.

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