Have your student walk around the classroom and find 5-6 items (for which the student knows the names), as you do the same.

Come back to the workspace and place the items on the table.

Encourage the student to use this, that, these or those to refer to items on the table. For example: Those are my keys. These are Maria’s keys.  This is my book. That’s Karin’s.

You can also ask your student to request objects, which can serve as a comprehension and accuracy check.  For example: Can you give me those keys?  Can you put that book next to these pens?

As a bonus option, give the student a short period of time to write as many sentences as he/she can using this/that/these/those referring to the objects.

For groups, have students practice in pairs as you walk around to help.

Pay particular attention to the pronunciation distinction between this and these. You’ll find a post on working on these two sounds on our blog.

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