Tips to Help Students Become Independent Learners

As teachers, we want our students to develop learning skills that they can use beyond the classroom. Encourage students to become independent learners by employing the following techniques.

1. Have students read what they write out loud before you correct mistakes. Students will be able to catch some of their errors on their own, and over time this ability will strengthen.

2. Have students keep a log of new words in the back of their notebooks. In class, you can help them look up the words using a dictionary or website such as the Longman Online Dictionary.

3. Request that students keep a log in a separate part of their notebook where they track their errors from class. You can then assign them to review these errors as homework.

4. Teach students at all levels necessary English phrases such as: Can you repeat that? I don’t understand. Can you spell that? Can you talk slower please.

5. Assign homework tasks that make use of everyday English – such as listening to the news in English. Ask students to summarize what they heard or learned at the next class.