Vocabulary Activity Ideas

One of our teachers was awarded a scholarship to attend the 2012 CAEPA (Colorado Adult Education Professional Association) conference.

Per the scholarship requirements, she compiled her notes from the very best sessions for our teachers!

Jigsaw Activity:

Break students into groups and give each group a list of words. The students have to define each word. Then students regroup into new groups and every student becomes a “teacher” by teaching the word from their first group.

Teacher Student Dictation:

Teacher dictates sentences with the vocabulary to students. Then students write their own sentences with the vocabulary. Finally students dictate their sentences to each other.


Teacher gives students sentence starters with target vocabulary and students complete sentences. Then, students share their sentences with each other.

Asking Questions about the Vocabulary:

Write vocabulary on the board and ask questions like, which words are verbs/adjectives/ adverbs, which are related to plants, etc.

Picture Description:

Students get a picture and use the target vocabulary that may relate to the picture to describe it. Wall Words Put target words on cards and tape them to the wall and do different activities with the students like having them arrange the words in alphabetical order, or in order of word length, etc.

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