Resources and Training

We want you to be equipped with what you need for successful classes. Below you will find our Resource Hub and other valuable trainings.

ESL Curriculum for Adults

The Intercambio Way® makes English learning and teaching accessible and safe. It builds confidence and sparks important conversations about lives and perspectives.

We focus on getting students talking more to open doors for students and teachers to form meaningful connections and learn from each other. Find Confidence and Connections curriculum books and Pronunciation Fun here:

Resource Hub

Find helpful links from us and other ESL resources to help you use our Confidence and Connections curriculum, plan engaging English lessons, and conduct successful online classes.


Cultural Humility Training

Learn about diverse cultural lenses and behaviors in our self-paced online Cultural Humility workshops. This series of short videos and discussion questions will equip your team with tools to become more self-aware in cross-cultural interactions. Contact us for more info and pricing.

Conversations on Race and Equity (CORE)
Bring accessible conversations about the history of race, equity, and our current reality into your English classroom. Conversations on Race and Equity lesson plans include vocabulary-building exercises, a short video lecture, and discussion questions. Lessons could work for any level but are intended for intermediate to advanced students.
Coming soon!

The Immigrant Guide

Available in several languages, this guidebook provides practical, easy-to-read information about living and succeeding in the U.S.