About Our Curriculum

Every lesson leads to a conversation.

Intercambio’s Confidence and Connections books help volunteer teachers and students learn together and make connections while students practice and improve their English. The curriculum is six Levels: Intro through Level 5. There are two books, a Left book and a Right book, in Levels 1 through 5.

Students will take a placement test to determine which level they will start with. You can see the in-person test here and the online test here.

Each Lesson Includes:

Descriptions by Level

Each Level 1-5 book has a review and progress check at the mid-point of the book and at the end. There are also suggestions and a template for a Field Trip.

All Teacher Books include the full text of the student books, and have helpful Teacher Tips and ideas for how to teach the different sections of the lessons.



For students that have very little or no previous experience learning English.

Lessons cover basic structures in the present tense, and every lesson includes an Alphabetics section that helps students increase their knowledge of sounds and their corresponding letters in the English language.

Level 1

Lessons in the 1 Left (1L) and 1 Right (1R) books of our Confidence and Connections curriculum include present tense grammar structures and commonly used vocabulary words.

Level 1 also begins to introduce students to common uses of the future tense in everyday conversations.


Level 2

The 2 Left (2L) and 2 Right (2R) books of our Confidence and Connections curriculum introduce students to the past tense while also continuing to provide practice with common uses of the present and future tenses in everyday conversations.

They also introduce students to important language for making comparisons, talking about everyday activities and making plans.

Level 3

The 3 Left (3L) and 3 Right (3R) books of our Confidence and Connections curriculum provide continued practice of different tenses, including the past, present and future tenses.

They also focus on structures and vocabulary that allow students to participate more confidently in daily interactions that include giving advice, talking about events, making plans, and more.


Level 4

The 4 Left (4L) and 4 Right (4R) books of our Confidence and Connections curriculum promote the practice of different and more complex past, present, future and conditional grammar tenses.

It also provides students with opportunities to practice using these tenses to communicate more clearly with those around them about a variety of topics that include both real and hypothetical situations.

Level 5

The 5 Left (5L) and 5 Right (5R) books of our Confidence and Connections provide continued opportunities for students to incorporate a variety of more complex grammar tenses and vocabulary into their spontaneous speech.

At the same time, the topics in the lessons promote deeper conversations that allow students and their teachers to share personal and cultural perspectives.


Pronunciation Fun

This well-loved tool uses minimal pairs to help teachers lead pronunciation practice in class and helps students practice on their own. Our suggestion: two sounds, ten minutes a day.

The Immigrant Guide

This 45-page guidebook – available in several languages – provides practical, easy-to-read information about living and succeeding in the U.S.