Cultural Humility Training

Intensive Training on Cultural Humility

This training will engage your team in critical conversations that advance equity, shift biases, and allow everyone to more courageously engage with and learn from people of different backgrounds. 

The training is available as a series of online self-paced videos with lots of powerful conversation questions, or you can do it live with an experienced and engaging trainer. The content and conversation starters lead to lots of crucial learning, reflection, and teambuilding.

Training Focus

  1. Present useful tools and concrete examples, and 
  2. Create brave spaces for your team to discuss these important topics, connect, learn together, and carry on this work. 

The 3 modules, whether live or with the modules, include between 20-30 minutes of Lee talking, and 60-120 minutes of conversation time amongst your team.

See what’s covered in the training and learning objectives in this Intro Video.

If you are potentially interested in facilitating the online modules. read the Facilitator Guide and watch a 5-minute sample from Module 1 to decide if it’d be a good fit for your team.


  1. Live Training with Lee – $3,000* ($2,000 for nonprofits), which includes:
  • A 30-minute conversation prior to the training with the leadership team
  • A 6-hour initial training (delivered in 3 two-hour sessions) 
  • Two 90-minute follow up sessions to check on goals, progress, and questions during the year

*Additional expenses if travel or special customization is required. 

  1. Access to training modules: $1,000 to access the modules ($500 for nonprofits with budgets less than $250,000).  Any additional time with Lee for preparation is billed at $300 per hour. 

If you are interested in the modules or in a live training, contact us for more information. If cost is a barrier let us know. Thank you for your interest in building cultural humility!

About the trainer, Lee Shainis

Lee has published articles about shifting power imbalances in adult education as well as curriculum and resource guides for English learners.  See more about Lee here.

Lee is Intercambio’s co-founder and was Executive Director for 20 years. He has led cultural trainings for over 100 different organizations since 2010. 

More about Lee’s training style…he:

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