Response to Curriculum Survey

Thanks for taking the time to answer our Confidence and Connections Curriculum Survey earlier this year!  We received over 100 responses from teachers and administrators using our curriculum locally and nationally.  This feedback will help us improve our Confidence and Connections books going forward.  

We were happy to see that 98% of people are satisfied or very satisfied with the Confidence and Connections series! 

There were also many important and thoughtful suggestions for improvements.  We included more information about these aspects of the curriculum series and our plans to address them below:  

  • We have been correcting typos on an ongoing basis. While we had engaged a professional editor before the curriculum’s launch in 2019, we are preparing to hire a professional editor again in 2023 to do a complete and detailed run-through of the teacher and student books to identify typos and inconsistencies.  
  • We are in the process of designing supplemental resources (including downloadable worksheets that are also fillable online, flashcards, vocabulary images, alternative and expanded activity ideas to support in-person and online learning, and video explanations for tricky grammar presented in the language tools sections). The resources will be released on an ongoing basis as they are available beginning in early 2023.  

Additionally, your feedback helped us develop an updated version of the Confidence and Connections Teaching Slides which we launched in August. The slides are now optionally available for free with the purchase of Teacher Books and contain images and examples of the vocabulary words in each lesson. (Note – these slides must be added to your online shopping cart in the same transaction as teacher books in order for the discount to apply.)  Learn more here: 

We will continue to update you as additional resources for Confidence and Connections become available. For now, please continue to contact us at with any feedback about the series.  

We look forward to continuing to hear about your programs and your work with your participants using the Confidence and Connections books! We appreciate your trust in our work. 

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