Response to the Election

Dear friends of Intercambio,

This morning I was in touch with one of our students, an amazing young mother from Mexico who is co-president of the PTA at her kid’s school. She, like many Intercambio students, is in a deep depression and scared.

She said: “The main thing that helps us today is to know that there are people like you around us. Hearing positive messages from Intercambio helps a lot of people.”

We are bombarding our students with positive messages to stay calm, remain hopeful, and continue to focus on learning and be a model for their children. And we let them know that our doors are open anytime if they need support.

You help make it possible. You help us serve as an example of cross-cultural respect for the world.  You are part of the solution to the sadness that people are feeling. Your support has built a movement of respect, kindness and connected people.

Intercambio will tirelessly continue this crucial work. There is much more to do locally and nationally.   Stay hopeful and join us in saying yes to unity, love, education, and opportunity.

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