Restorative Justice Opportunity

Community Mediation Service is looking male volunteers who are bilingual to support young offenders in a restorative justice meeting, an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system.

This will be a 2 hour restorative justice meeting where offenders, victims and community members participate in a cooperative process to explore the harm caused by the crime and how to repair it.  Your role is to support the offender, offer ideas of how they can repair the harm they caused, be a role model and help connect them to their community.  Specifically, we are looking for a volunteer to help out on a case scheduled next Tuesday 7/11 at 8am over a marijuana related incident.  For this particular case, it would be helpful to have someone in their early 20s.

If interested to participate this next Tuesday, or any other day, please contact Carin Armstrong at 303-441-4369,