Ryan Berg

Ryan Berg has been working with Juvenal for almost a year. During that time he has been energetically committed to their success and eager to help Juvenal with the English he needs. We asked Ryan what his favorite teaching moment has been over these last 11 months. Here’s what he had to say:

When I teach Juvenal, I meet him in the afternoon right after he’s been to work. Sometimes when I get to his house he is very tired and usually doesn’t learn as well. On these days I take it easy and save some of the more difficult activities for the next class. On one particular day I had a very difficult lesson planned for him. The lesson was on a difficult subject and I planned for us to spend several classes covering it. But upon beginning the lesson I could tell he was out of it. He works as a landscaper and the day had been hot and long. Unfortunately all the activities I had ready were difficult. So, I improvised an activity from what I had available. Using my laptop I pulled up all the music I had and simply told him to tell me whether or not he liked what was playing. It was an easy exercise, and we ended spending a lot of time talking about what music we liked. Juvenal improved his English and had a good time of it. Even after his hard day at work.

Juvenal and Ryan