Staff Profile – Kristine Edwards

Kristine Edwards
Kristine Edwards

Position at Intercambio: Marketing Director
What are some interesting facts about you?

• I love backpacking and hiking.
•  Acro Yoga is one of my favorite activities.
•  I used to sing opera.
•  I cook elaborate dinners 3-4 nights a week.
What is your favorite book?
Pride and Prejudice
What is your favorite food?
What is your favorite beverage?
  A great Tempranillo wine
What does your typical Saturday night look like?
Backpacking, going to a concert, making dinner with friends, hiding out at home…it’s always different.
What do you love most about Boulder?
In the spring you can ski in the morning and sunbathe by 3pm. Amazing!
My favorite place is: Nam Ou River, Laos
What do you value most about Intercambio?
We do work that changes people lives – and it’s fun!
If I weren’t working at Intercambio,
I would be sad