Staff Profile – Lee Shainis

Lee Shainis
Lee Shainis

Position at Intercambio: Executive Director
What are some interesting facts about you?

•          I cut my hair every two weeks
•          I occasionally have my toenails painted
•          My parents are neighbors
•          I’m addicted to Fruit Strips
•          I love South Park
What is your favorite book?
What Every Immigrant Needs to Know
What is your favorite movie?
What is your favorite food?
I like everything, except feta cheese
What is your favorite beverage?
Smoothies- I like to mix it up
What does your typical Saturday night look like?

They’re always different, could be attending a wedding, birthday party, quincianera
What do you love most about Boulder?
Being able to bike everywhere
My favorite place is:
The Intercambio office
What do you value most about Intercambio?
The amazing, diverse people who are part of it
If I weren’t working at Intercambio,
world-famous pole dancer

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