Staff Profile – Susan Corbett

Susan Corbett
Susan Corbett

Position at Intercambio: Grants Manager
What are some interesting facts about you?

• Even though I was born and raised in Idaho, it was NOT on a potato farm!
• I spent my Junior year in college in Paris, France studying at the Sorbonne
What is your favorite book?
There are many.  The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein.  I love Sci fi and literary fiction.
What is your favorite movie?
 Ben Hur (though I can’t stand Charlton Heston any more) and many, many others!
What is your favorite food?
Indian food
What is your favorite beverage?
What does your typical Saturday night look like?
Walking the Pearl Street Mall, checking out the people, listening to music at the Laughing Goat
What do you love most about Boulder County?
Everything!  The mountains, the climate, the politics, the environmental policies, the dog friendliness, the restaurants!
My favorite place is:
The mountains
What do you value most about Intercambio?

The open-hearted cause that strives for opportunity for all people.
If I weren’t working at Intercambio,
I would be working at some other non profit.