Louis Gaston

Louis Gaston was born in Houston, Texas, and graduated high school in Tampa, Florida. After earning the rank of Eagle Scout and graduating from high school, he enlisted immediately as a Medic in the US Army, serving with Sapper and Route Clearance Companies. He has lived in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida Keys, New Mexico, and Louisiana. Upon exiting the army, Louis entered the civilian emergency medical field, working in emergency departments, intermediate care respiratory failure centers, and as a local volunteer firefighter. After Coronavirus, a burnt-out Louis decided to make a change and moved to beautiful Boulder, Colorado, to decompress in the mountains. Continuing with his lifetime obsession with community care at the interpersonal level, Louis began with Intercambio in late 2022.

In his free time, Louis enjoys stand-up comedy, live music, climbing, hiking, arguing about History and Linguistics, and practicing Ahimsa.

Group Class Manager