The Perfect Match

It was the perfect match of ability and passion…

Then COVID-19 hit.

Tara, a former public school teacher and volunteer here at Intercambio, loved her service in the community. But when the coronavirus hit, all Intercambio’s classes came to a standstill.

She wondered, could she still teach?

But, thanks to your kind support, Tara reports:

“The staff at Intercambio spent time over Zoom, teaching me basic computer operations. They were available to answer my questions, teach me how to make Power Point presentations, and show me the best ways to interact with an entire class in an online format. Now I am able to resume my job of giving music lessons too, all because of what Intercambio taught me!”

And Karissa, a student in Tara’s class, shares that she used Zoom for the first time with Intercambio. “My Intercambio class with Tara has helped me learn how to use technology better and I can help my children with their online school now,” she said.

If only you could have been there to see it.

This is your generosity in action. Helping us adapt quickly to the challenges of the coronavirus in our community. Thank you.

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