Teacher tip: Easy activities for the last few minutes of class

Help! I’ve finished my lesson and I have 5 minutes left. What can I do?
Try one of these quick activities that require no advanced prep time.
1) Penny for your thoughts
Take a penny (or any coin) and look at the date. Have students talk about what they were doing that year. If they weren’t born yet, talk about what was happening in history in that year.
2) Show and tell
Ask studentws to find three things in their pocket or purse that represent them. Show them to the class and have classmates ask and answer questions about them.
3) Tic Tac Toe
This is a great game to review almost anything. Here’s one idea: Make a grid and fill in each space with a present tense verb. Divide the group into two teams or have students play in groups of two. In order to put an X or O in the space, the student must give the correct form of the verb in the past tense (or another tense you are studying).
4) Fortunes
Have everyone write their name on a piece of paper. Collect them and hand them out to different students. Ask each student to write a fortune (You will…) for the person, then hand each person their fortunes.

These tips were presented at the 2015 CO-TESOL Convention by Constance Leonard.