Teacher Tip: Let’s Play a Game

At the CoTESOL conference last weekend, Constance Leonard shared several games. Here are some of them for you to try out in class or with your individual student.

  • Mime an adverb
    Brainstorm about 10-15 adverbs (such as happily, sadly, etc.) and write them down. Have a student go to the front of the class and mime one of the adverbs. Have other students guess. Option: have student(s) read sentences in the manner suggested by the adverb.
  • Hot Seat
    Have a student go to the front of the room and sit facing the rest of the class. Write a vocabulary word on the board and have the other students give clues until the student in the hot seat guesses correctly. For one-on-one situations, write some words on strips of paper. Draw a strip and give clues until the other person guesses the word.
  • Make vs. Do
    This activity is best suited for intermediate students and above. Post chart paper, or simply divide a sheet of paper into two columns. Write expressions with do on one, and expressions with make on the other. The group with the most correct expressions wins.
  • Would you make a good witness?
    Show the class or student a picture for twenty seconds. Then hide the picture and ask questions about the picture to see how many details they remember. Option: have the student choose the picture and ask you the questions. This allows for question practice.
  • Error correction
    Collect student errors and write them on the board or a piece of paper. In a class, form two teams and have students make corrections. The team with the most wins. Note: for lower levels, choose sentences with only one error.

Have fun playing!