Teacher Tip – Reading

Interactive English is a four-skills textbook. However, as students progress, they may want extra work on their reading skills. Extensive reading, done outside of class, can be a great way to increase reading skills. One thing to remember is that students should already know at least 80% of the words in the text they are reading. We don’t want them to stop and look up almost every word; the goal of this type of reading is to increase reading fluency. We want students to get the main idea.

Intensive reading can be done in class. We suggest a three-part reading strategy: pre -reading, while reading and post-reading activities.

Before the student actually reads the text, help them get an idea of what they will be reading. Take a look at any illustrations; look at the layout of the text on the page. Go over the title or headlines and any subtitles or sections.  The purpose of this is to activate your student’s background knowledge an important factor understanding what you are reading.

While reading activities can include skimming to get the general idea and scanning the text for a specific piece of reading. Students may also be looking for the answers to specific questions as they read. Antoher possibility is to cut up a text and have them put it in order.

Once students have finished reading, there are many post-treading activities to consider. You might have them respond to the text either orally or in writing. They could use the information in the text to complete a task (putting something together based on written instructions, for example). They could also continue the story or article.