Teacher Tip – Setting Goals

A new term is about to start and we encourage our students to set goals.

Some of our students may not see the value in this, and that may be because they aren’t choosing a goal that is personally important to them. Encourage them to choose a goal that they feel excited about accomplishing, and interested in working toward. It should not just be a goal that others may want them to accomplish.

It’s helpful if the goal can be attained in a measurable amount of time. So, the goal should be something more realistic than “learn English”. Have your student think about what specifically he or she needs/wants to learn. Is it learning how to have a conversation with the doctor? Is it learning more English so they can be promoted? What does that look like? What specific vocabulary, grammar or strategies are involved?

Once the student has set the goal, then the next step is to figure out when to work on it. So, if you student wants to improve their writing, for example. They should commit to practicing that or working on it at least several times a week. Class time alone may not be sufficient. Encourage your student to mark off some time to dedicate to their goal. Otherwise, they may never find the time.

Keep it simple, specific and personal, and you and your students are on the way to success!