Teacher Tip – Summer is here!

Summer vacation is upon us and this means many of our one-on-one students will now have their kids at home during regular class time. Some students (and some tutors) prefer to take a break over the summer, but if you can find a way work around this, there will certainly be learning gains.

Here are some suggestions to make your classes work during the summer.

  • Meet only once a week. Some students don’t have the time for twice weekly classes with their kids at home. Instead of cancelling class completely, consider meeting less frequently.
  • Hold class at a local park. This way mom can practice her English while her kids are having fun.
  • Go on a family friendly hike. Many of our students do not normally hike. An activity like this can be lots of fun with children.  Give the kids a list of things to look for to keep them engaged as you hike.  End your hike with a picnic.
  • Take a field trip to a museum. Some of our local volunteers have visited the Butterfly Pavilion or gone to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg. Other museums include: Longmont Cultural Museum, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Dairy Center, CU History Museum, Carnegie Library, Boulder History Museum
  • Go to a garage or yard sale. Make this a scavenger-hunt-type activity, by providing your student with a list of items in English that they should find. Practice asking and answering questions in English, and let them know they must speak—not just show their list. If you want to work on numbers, have them write the price of specific items, or see how much they could buy with a certain amount of money.
  • Take advantage of local free concerts or fairs.

With a bit of planning, your summer can be a great learning experience for your student and their family!