Teacher Tip: The last 5 minutes

Despite careful planning, we may find ourselves with an extra five minutes at the end of class. Instead of ending class early, how can we make the best use of this bonus time?

  • Don’t start a new topic.
  • Use exit tickets—have your student(s) write down one thing (even a word in lower levels) they learned in class. Or have them write down something they are not sure about. If you are teaching a group, have everyone write a question, then go around the class asking different people.
  • Do a quick round of vocabulary review with flashcards. Include some vocabulary from previous classes.
  • Play a quick game of tic-tac-toe.
  • Ask your student(s) where/when they can use the material they learned in this lesson.
  • Do the journal entry in class rather than as homework.

By using one of these techniques, you can ensure that your student(s) get the maximum benefit from your class time.