Teaching from an Immigrant Perspective

Originally from Quito, Ecuador, Micaela “Mica” Armijos recently joined the Intercambio team as the Volunteer Manager for the group classes in the Boulder County Program. As an immigrant herself, Mica brings a unique perspective to the Volunteer Management position at Intercambio. “Intercambio and its volunteers clearly value cultural differences, it is so different than other experiences I have had.” She explains “The volunteers have been incredibly welcoming and come very excited to experience other cultures. It reminds me that I am unique, and my experience and perspective is special and valuable.” 

Cultural differences and global understanding inspire Mica. She acknowledges that, through English classes, students and teachers are learning about each other’s lives, backgrounds and values, and breaking down cultural barriers. At Intercambio, she has found the opportunity to connect with a diverse community and contribute to its development.  

To learn more about working with Mica and how to volunteer with Intercambio, check out Intercambio.org

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