Teaching Tuesday Tips 7-1-14 Helpful Hints for Communicative Language Instruction

Helpful Hints: (Courtesy of Dieter Bruhn)

1. Create a meaningful context
2. Avoid translation whenever possible
3. Use words, pictures, gestures, mine, etc. to describe vocabulary
4. Use simpler vocabulary to describe more complicated vocabulary
5. Adapt your speech (rate of speech, level, etc.) to the level of your students
6. Utilize repetition
7. Use vocabulary and other target language in different ways to reinforce the meaning
8. Model instructions instead of giving long explanations; in other words, show the students what you want them to do
9. Limit teacher talk, and give students maximum opportunity to practice language
10. If students don’t get it, don’t be afraid to go back and do again in a different way
11. Look at your students’ faces to gauge whether or not they understand
12. Instead of asking if students understand, utilize other methods to check their comprehension
13. Use games and other activities to make learning fun and engaging
14. Include pair work, group work and double lines to give students multiple opportunities to practice the language
15. Create a safe learning environment to minimize student anxiety