The Confidence To Try

Wenpei “Wen” Song recalls how isolating it was to leave her homeland of China. Although she tried to speak English, she quickly realized that others didn’t understand her. 

“Everything was so different and new for me,” Wen remembers. So, in 2018, when Wen’s husband helped her find Intercambio, she reluctantly agreed to take classes.  

Wen knew that Intercambio was different from her first class. The teachers and other students made learning fun, which created a growing desire to learn and practice.  

“I have more confidence to talk to people and make more friends,” Wen recalls, smiling. 

Wen and her husband joined a monthly tea group with English-speaking friends. With her hard-earned English skills, Wen could open up and share more about herself each time they attended. 

My whole life has changed, I’m proud of this because maybe 10 years ago I couldn’t do it,” Wen says. 

Intercambio exists to bring English learners and community volunteers together in language classes and gatherings to build skills, confidence, and life-changing connections. 

Learn more about what this looks like for Wen in the video below.

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