Tuesday Tip: He and She

Even our advanced students struggle with the distinction between “he” and “she”. At the beginning levels, resist the urge to gloss over the topic. And, when you hear gender mistakes at advanced classes, make it a point to to provide a few minutes of formal instruction.

Here’s a fun activity to help with work on subject pronouns.
Materials: magazine pictures of people, tape, index cards with “he” and “she” written on them (at least 2 per student)

Tape a variety of pictures of people on the wall or lay them out in the table in front of the student. Have the student place their index cards on the correct picture (based on gender).
If you’re working with a group, to add some energy, do this activity like the fly swatter game: Tape a variety of pictures to the wall. Have students stand in two lines (representing two teams). You call out a pronoun and the first person to swat the appropriate picture wins a point for their team.

Note – a similar activity can be used for object pronouns (him, her)