Video Activity: Comparing 2 Cities

Seattle may have won the Super Bowl, but Denver is a great city too. Have your students watch this video: Video Link for a great opportunity to work on comparatives and superlatives.

1. Elicit from students which city they think is better. Ask for some specific reasons.

2. Have students divide a paper into 3 columns. The first should be labeled characteristics, the second Denver, and the third Seattle.

3. Play video once and have students listen.

4. For more advanced classes, have students come up with characteristics. For weaker classes, the teacher can suggest categories such as rainier, least obese, more fashionable, smarter, etc.

5. Play video again and have students check the appropriate city for each characteristic.

6. Ask students to compare two cities they know. Perhaps their hometown and where they currently live. (This can be done orally or as a writing assignment.)