We ignite human potential by cultivating a world where people from different cultural backgrounds
connect, communicate and engage.

We provide English language education, resources and training that create meaningful connections, build cultural awareness and inspire confidence.


Teaching English. Connecting People.

While teaching English is the core of what we do, how  we do this work is what unleashes the potential of individuals and our community.

Teaching English the “Intercambio way” creates new, meaningful relationships that open doors to:

  • Connections: For our students, it’s practical English language skills to connect with their local community. For our volunteers, it’s being able to engage with immigrants living nearby in a meaningful way.
  • Cultural Awareness: When students, teachers and community members deepen their connections, there can be appreciation of our differences. The initiative to gain cultural awareness is part of what strengthens communities.
  • Confidence: Stepping out of one’s comfort zone to engage with people from a different background can be challenging. We enable students and volunteers to grow their confidence in this and many other ways.

At Intercambio, our English learners and teachers create change while achieving personal goals. The ripple effect of this change impacts generations. This is an example of what is possible in our world and what Intercambio aspires to see. Thank you for joining us on our amazing journey!


Join the Intercambio team, get involved, and make a difference in your community!

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We Believe

Our communities are safer and stronger when everyone can communicate – and it begins with language.

Educating parents leads to an educated family.

Our communities are more prosperous when all people have the opportunity to succeed and give back.

Learning and teaching English can be hard — make it fun!

Intercambio works with students from all over the world

Algeria    •    Argentina    •    Bangladesh    •    Bolivia    •    Bosnia and Herzegovina    •    Brazil    •    Cambodia    •    Canada    •    Chile    •    China    •    Colombia    •    Costa Rica    •    Cuba    •    Ecuador    •    El Salvador    •    Ethiopia    •    France    •    Germany    •    Guatemala    •    Honduras    •    India    •    Iran    •    Israel    •    Italy    •    Japan    •    Jordan    •    North Korea    •    Kuwait    •    Laos    •    Libya    •    Lithuania    •    Mali    •    Mexico    •    Mongolia    •    Myanmar    •    Nepal    •    Nicaragua    •    Oman    •    Palestine    •    Paraguay    •    Peru    •    Poland    •    Russia    •    Rwanda    •    Saudi Arabia    •    South Korea    •    Spain    •    Switzerland    •    Taiwan    •    Tibet    •    Turkey    •    Ukraine    •    Uruguay    •    Venezuela    •    Vietnam

Intercambio® Uniting Communities is a 501C(3) public charity founded in 2001.