The Importance of Volunteers


Thanks to volunteers, many immigrants have the opportunity that they otherwise wouldn’t have to take English classes. Our volunteers allow us to provide extremely low-cost, individualized classes at hundreds of locations in Boulder County at different times and days. You can help provide opportunities to the many people on our waiting list.


Thanks to volunteers, immigrants feel more welcome here. Many immigrants have experienced discrimination, and it takes many positive interactions from our volunteers and others to reverse those negative experiences. In many cases, our volunteers are the immigrants’ only real bridge to the broader community.


Thanks to volunteers, our community is more integrated. Language segregates us, but our volunteers use that barrier as an excuse to connect with and form meaningful friendships with English learners.


Walk the talk when it comes to embracing diversity and making our community more welcoming!


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“When you start to volunteer, you think you are providing a service. And then you realize you are receiving more than you give.”

Ann Capodanno
Intercambio Volunteer