Volunteer Spotlight: Margaret Porter

Margaret and Bene have been working together for close to two years. In addition to their regular classes, they both attend additional functions offered by Intercambio, such as dance class, in-service workshops and events. Bene seeks out ways to practice her English and thanks to her and Margaret’s dedication, they are about to begin the level 6 book – having began at 4B in March of 2011. What a feat!

We asked Margaret what it is about Bene that inspires her to be a great teacher. She and Bene worked together to write this reply:

My student Bene inspires me to do my best because she really wants to learn English; she is patient and persistent and willing to try anything I suggest.  While we use the lessons in the textbook as our foundation, we spend lots of time in conversation too about topics we both enjoy, such as cooking and family.  When Bene reads or hears something she does not understand, she always asks, which makes me work to figure out how to best answer her question.  Then she makes up a sentence with the new word or phrase to be sure she understands the meaning. We have a lot of fun experimenting; Bene gives me good feedback about what is helpful to her and what isn’t. 

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Bene and Margaret