Why I love our volunteers

From this week I definitely need to talk about the Volunteer Appreciation Event on Tuesday. We had volunteers who have been with us for many years, and it’s just amazing to hear them talk about how much they love their students and how far their students have come.

I met volunteers I’ve never met before or maybe seen once in the last 2-4 years, and they’re still with their same student or students after all that time! It lets me know that we’re doing something right, and that sometimes people need an introduction, a positive goal to work toward and some structure in order to foster lifelong friendships across language barriers.

About 25% of our active teachers attended, but it was an amazing sampling of volunteers that other communities and other organizations would kill to have. I don’t take our volunteers for granted, especially as we share our model with numerous organizations nationwide that struggle tremendously to find good volunteer teachers. We are lucky!

We got to thank those who attended in person, and I also wanted to let those who couldn’t make it know that you too are extremely appreciated, more than I can explain in words. I’m still blown away by how many awesome people find Intercambio and become volunteers or students. Good people who have good experiences tell other good people, so please keep spreading the word!   Photos from Volunteer Appreciation