Why No Intercambio “La Fiesta” This Year

 We loved all of the 17 amazing La Fiesta: World Parties that introduced many wonderful people to Intercambio and created a groundbreaking sense of community.  Despite this, we made the difficult decision to not have it in 2019. Here’s why:

  1. Our Purpose. This past year we dug deep into Intercambio’s purpose it became clear that using the power of language learning to ignite human potential and create meaningful people-to-people connections across cultures is why we exist. These mutually uplifting connections spark new perspectives, transform feelings of “them” to “us”, and inspire future generations. This happens through our English classes and at our conversation activities where hundreds of volunteers and adult English learners communicate and get to know each other every quarter. La Fiesta builds a broad sense of community, but its focus is not to connect with new people.
  2. Focus our energy. This August we will launch a new 11-book English curriculum for our 1,700 participants in Boulder County and for the 600+ organizations that use our curriculum and resources around the U.S. We need to focus our staff and volunteer energy to ensure that everyone is well-trained and prepared to use this innovative curriculum that emphasizes practical, conversation-based content designed to create mutually educational experiences for both teachers and students.
  3. Come to Comedy for Cambio on April 12th. For 10 years, La Fiesta was our only fundraising event. Now our April comedy event has far surpassed La Fiesta as our biggest fundraiser. This year at Comedy we will offer two seatings for the first time, and we hope to see many Fiesta-goers supporting us there on April 12th! intercambio.org/comedy

We will miss being with everyone at La Fiesta this year, and we are grateful for and cherish the many thousands of attendees over the years! Let me know if you have questions or thoughts about any of this.

Thank you and I hope to see many of you April 12th!

Lee Shainis
Executive Director and Co-Founder



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