Meet CC English Teacher Charles Waidler: “Communication, Tolerance, and Open-Mindedness are Central”

I am originally from the shoreline of Connecticut, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Eastern Connecticut State University. I now live in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I worked in the accounting field for 27 years as a corporate controller and director. I was a Certified Management Accountant and Certified in Financial Management. I enjoy learning French, traveling to Europe, reading (when I have the time), working out, and cycling.

After earning my 140-hour TEFL certificate and my advanced TEFL certificates in Teaching Business English and Exam Preparation, I went online searching for companies in which I could volunteer. I found Intercambio’s CC English program, read their mission—as well as some testimonials—and then I volunteered. I started working with CC English in August of 2022.

I became a volunteer English teacher with Intercambio because I wanted to gain valuable teaching experience, as well as help immigrants learn English and realize their dreams. I have found that the more we are different from people from other countries and cultures, the more we are the same. Some things may be different such as food, traditions, and norms, but I have found that many of the core values of most people are very similar, regardless of where they are from. Most people want to work hard, take care of their family, and enjoy life. Communication, tolerance, and open-mindedness are central to this idea.

When my student Pedro first started with me back in August of 2022, he was speaking almost no English outside of class. Now he has the confidence to go into the world and speak English in all types of situations. He is no longer afraid to make errors, and it is remarkable to see how far he has come in his conversational abilities. I have learned so much about his family, Brazil, what he likes to do, and his values. It has been a rewarding experience.

I appreciate Intercambio’s great support and the quality of the lessons provided. There are many resources available, such as teaching webinars and videos, to help teachers succeed. The people at Intercambio are very nice and are always willing to assist.

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